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[metaslider id=2992] [content_plane] [row_in] CARUS IRIS VISION & ELEGANCE [/row_in] [/content_plane] [spacer][spacer] [span4] Audio/Video outdoor station with a secure 180° field of vision Audio outdoor station CAE100X (HxWxD) 240 x 150 x 27 mm Video outdoor station CAE200X (HxWxD) 330 x 150 x 27 mm (The “X” stands for the number of bell buttons) With…
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[metaslider id=2995] [content_plane] [row_in] CARUS ARGOS NATURAL PERFECTION [/row_in] [/content_plane] [spacer][spacer] [span4] Audio/Video IP-outdoor station with integrated access control CARUS ARGOS was designed as an outdoor station for both sophisticated residential property and commercial use. The name of the resident is chosen via a bright 5.7 inch LCD display with intuitive touch screen operation. High-quality…
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